Apply your makeup fully, without it melting away!

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  • Powerful but quiet fan
  • 360 degree gentle breeze
  • Keeps skin cool
  • Battery operated
  • Portable!

Crystal Clear reflection!

With its built in Fans, no vanity mirror can do what Beauty Breeze does. Now you can apply your make up fully without it melting away, especially when you’re in a rush. Beauty Breeze Mirror is unique in that it has a built in powerful but quiet triple fan that distributes a 360-degree gentle breeze to keep your skin cool. So, it allows you to apply your mascara, foundation, blush and eyeliner without melting. Beauty Breeze has a daylight balance LED ring offering soft clear lighting, so you get all the brightness you need, and the simple touch operation on your mirror lets you choose the light, fan or both. It has an adjustable tilting head to give you the perfect angle. It is battery operated making it portable, so you’ll never be without it. And it has a compact tray, so you keep your most important tools handy. But best of all Beauty Breeze has an oversize mirror that is precision crafted for a crystal-clear reflection that give you no distorting.

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Get 2 Beauty Breeze's and 2 Free Mini Mirrors for just $6.95 more!

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2 easy payments!


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